Network Spirituality
A collaboration between Rachel Jackson and Brandon Bandy

With discussions of a loosely defined “network spirituality” making the rounds amongst the terminally online, we appropriated the term as a way of thinking through algorithmic domination (pseudo-reality), the “content mirage,” as well as the rampant use of religious signifiers within this online milieu. Works in the exhibition consist of seeming unrelated source material combined to generate a tertiary object, synthesizing yet another layer of cultural forms referential to an undying past.

April 2022, University of California Riverside

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Works List

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Altar for the Young-Girl
2022, MDF, Sintra, inkjet on vinyl, enamel paint, mirror, fixtures, deadstock American Apparel “foxglove” violet tennis skirt

Every Pantone Color of the Year 2022-2000 on a Sony Trinitron PVM-2530

Furniture Inspiration Items
2022, Marcel Breuer B2 “Wassily” Replica, inkjet on vinyl

Sticker Lamps
2022, laser cut acrylic, PLA 3D print, fixture

iFunny Watermark Ultrafragola
2021, CNC and laser engraved acrylic

Chris Chan’s Gift to Mia Hamm (No More Virgin With Rage)
2021, three apples, lavendar air-freshener, breath mints, Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, 4-gig flashdrive with the track sets of the 1990 WTJU jazz marathon, Teenage Dream, and Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) album tracks, placed on a 3D printed bootleg of Ettore Sottsass’s Murmansk fruit bowl

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