Borrowing signifiers from online subculture, my practice examines the thinning veil between the virtual and the real, frequently through the translation of digital processes into physical objects. My process reflects the absent hierarchy between the natural and the manufactured object that occurs in online spaces, as delineations between synthetic and organic forms vanish. Charting the the trajectory and present-day implications of the Californian Ideology, my work focuses on collective experiences mediated by commodity aesthetics.

As I am equally entranced and disheartened by the history of radical design, my work investigates its seemingly chronic inability to transcend capitalism. I view design as a force that undergirds the structure of all digital space, and as a result my practice is concerned with its influencing power on trends and image dissemination. The compression of time and erasure of context characteristic of the internet has permeated into all facets of culture, evolving into a force that defines humor, image production, and human behavior.

I seek to capture this alienation in my work, embedding “chronically online” references into titling and transforming micro-trends into artifacts.

Recent Press

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