Rachel Jackson is an artist, designer, and publisher based in Southern California (originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.) 

Appropriating from the visual signifiers affiliated with platform capitalism, my practice surveys the present-state of image transmission in an effort to understand how the utopian potential of a networked society has been largely undermined by its commodification. My work parses through internet trend cycles, design history, and content aggregation sites to examine the increasing role digital technologies play as conduits for image consumption. As a digital native coming of age during the advent of Web 2.0, my online experience has been defined by an aggravated feedback loop between identity and the commodity as platforms incentivized the rise of the profile as a means of attaining sellable, hyper-individualized data. I seek to unpack this phenomena while attempting to actualize the collectivism once promised by information technology.

Coming from a background in design, my process is transdisciplinary, relying primarily upon the translation of the digital into the physical. I am particularly interested in the use of 3D printing/modeling and subtractive technologies to create sculptures that can exist in both material and image-based contexts.

Recent Press

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